Company Profile

Established 'April 1, 2010
CEO Atsushi Kozono
Representative Director and President
Head Office Address #1055 Hiekoba-go, Hasami-cho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki
Zip Code: 859-3726
phone: +81-956-76-8518 Fax: +81-956-76-8068
Branch Office Address 【FUKUOKA Saies Office】
#1313-11 Yamaguma,Tachiarai machi,Mitsui gun,Fukuoka PREF
Zip Code: 830-1226
phone: +81-954-27-7890 Fax: +81-954-27-7891
【SAGA Saies Office】
#191-1 Tei Oaza Shimojuku,Ureshino machi,Ureshino City,Saga PREF
Zip Code: 843-0301
phone: +81-954-27-7890  Fax: +81-954-27-7891
【TOKYO Sales Office】
#13-6-4-102 Suwa cho,Hiratsuka City,Kanagawa PREF
Zip Code: 254-0063
Capital JPY9,000,000($90,000)
Annual Revenue JPY 798,540,000($7,985.400)

Business  Information

Domestic Logistic Services

We provide services for your logistics needs. We offer great service with our abundant career and we can respond in detail with efficient delivery. In addition, we have a vast network connection in Japan to provide good transportation services such as joint delivery, route delivery and stacking transportation from charter flights.

Used Car Sale

We buy and sell used trucks, mostly commercial vehicles, because we are an industry company.

U.S. Military Bus Operation

We have a contract with U.S. Department of Defense started on July 2017. We manage and operate school buses for Department of Defense Education Headquarters.

Rental Car

We offer various styles of cars for rent and available from one day to multiple days with a reasonable price.

CEO's Greeting

Company's  Philosophy

Company's philosophy: We want to create an environment where the drivers are responsible, can feel the worth of living, build a stable life design and take pride in their work.

CEO's Greeting

I was blessed with great people and received many opportunities so I thought about what I should do to return to this community and social welfare In order to achieve this.
I decided I will give our employees a "moral education," and aim to be a person who is familiar and reliable. As a result, I will be able to provide high-quality services and at a reasonable price. In addition, the labor conditions such as salaries will improve. We are satisfied with our customers and our employees are always happy. We will contribute to the community and society as much as possible.
Thank you for your patronage from the future.

Atsushi Kozono

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